2017 Mother Nature’s Bath & Body Holiday Shows

The holidays are fast approaching, and in the weeks ahead, we here at Mother Nature’s Bath and Body will be bringing our array of soaps and lotions to a craft or gift show near you. So if you need to stock up on a favorite, want to try our all-natural soaps for the first time, or want to pamper some people on your holiday gift list, here’s where we’ll be for the next few weeks.

Each entry is in the Indianapolis area, and is linked with its Facebook event page!
Reindeer soap and washcloth kit

Sat, Oct 7, 11 am-6 pm; Sun, Oct 8 Noon-5 pm
Adrian Orchard’s Harvest Fest
FB Oct 7 ; FB Oct 8
500 W Epler Ave, Indy 46217

Sat, Oct 14, 9 am-3 pm
Christmas in October Craft Fair
Fishers High School
13000 Promise Road, Fishers, 46037

unnamed (1)
Sat, Nov 4,
9 am-2 pm
Indy Made Market
Hamilton Co. Fairgrounds Llama Barn
2003 Pleasant St., Noblesville, 46060

Fri, Nov 10, 6-9 pm ; Sat, Nov 11, 9 a-3 pm
Southside Vintage Marketplace Holiday Market
100 Byrd Way, Greenwood, 46143

Sat, Nov 18
, 9 am-3 pm
Holiday Craft and Gift Show
Greenwood Com. High School
615 W Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, 46143

Sat, Nov 25, 9 am-3 pm
Delta Theta Tau Artisan Holiday Market
Beach Grove High School
5534 Hornet Ave, Beech Grove, 46107

Sat, Dec 2, 9 am-3 pm
Plainfield Tri Cappa’s Gingerbread Christmas
Plainfield High School
1 Red Pride Drive, Plainfield, 46168
FullSizeRender (5)
So check out our array of soaps at our dedicated website here and come visit us to get the perfect gift at one of these events to find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday gift list–even yourself. We won’t tell.

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Back-to-School Carpet Cleanings

steven couch

No more people gathered in your house all day, watching TV and playing video games.

Summer break was in full swing, then gone again before you know it, and now the kids are back to school.

No more people gathered in your house all day, watching TV and playing video games. Eating. And drinking (and dribbling and spilling). Your kids are no longer taking up the space. Not to mention their friends. And their friends friends. Then there were the nights you fired up the BBQ grill, or those nights the kids “helped” make dinner in the kitchen. And when they weren’t at home, they were outside. Football practice, band practice, meeting friends at favorite restaurants and parks. Then, bringing all the dirt and grime back home.

Looking back, it was an awesome summer. Great times, great family memories. And sometimes, messes happened. And that’s okay.

Now that they’ve returned to school, it’s the perfect time to schedule your annual carpet cleaning, and give your home that post-summer-break sparkle that it needs. Our seven steps to a great cleaning will get your carpet back to a fresh, fluffy state free of dirt and grime. We’ll give special attention to tough spills (check out this story on how we once removed candle wax from a carpet) and  can clean up any evidence of your summertime special occasions and parties.

So now that the kids are back to school and daytime hours are open again, it’s time for your carpet to get back to looking its best. Call Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service at 317-834-4693 and schedule your professional cleaning today!

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Rescuing Your Special Day Mishaps – With Gray’s Carpet Cleaning

red spillSummer’s coming, and households and banquet halls all over central Indiana are hosting graduations and wedding receptions during the next few weeks.

Please don’t misunderstand us; we don’t want anything bad to happen, we hope that everything goes perfect for you on your special day (honest!).

But there will be cake. And wine. And punch. And strangers. And, where appropriate, adult beverages. So the odds are, some of you will have to deal with spills and stains that will need attending to after the party’s over.

IceCreamSpillSo if the groom knocks over the snack tray, your teen spills the red punch bowl, or if any  other alarming messes try to ruin your special day, Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service will get you taken care of.

Three easy steps to taking care of your sudden carpet emergency:

1. Go here to Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Spot Removal Guide and follow the directions to pre-treat the spot.
2. Call us directly at 317-834-4693.
3. Schedule your appointment, and let us take care of the rest.

Charles Gray started Gray’s Carpet Cleaning in 2000. He’s rescued quite a few carpets through the years and he’s taken on some pretty tough spills (He’s even removed candle wax!).

arriveOf course, Gray’s carpet Cleaning Service can help get your home ready before your big event as well, with our thorough 7 Steps to a Great Carpet Clean so your carpet will look its best for your guests in time for the big day.

So while we certainly don’t wish for any problems to happen to you in the days ahead, some of you reading this will probably need us.

And if you do, Just remember, call us and we’ll get you taken care of!



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Success Story: The Candle Wax Spill


This is not Karl and Sandy’s candle wax stain, but Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service removes candle wax stains like this one with a high rate of success.

After spilling candle wax on their new carpet, Karl and Sandy didn’t think anything could be done, so Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service didn’t get a chance to treat the stain until long after it had set–four months later!

Karl and Sandy of Mooresville, IN had replaced their carpet about a year earlier. One night, Sandy had lit a dark green “pine forest” scented candle and set it on a side table. On the same table lay the charging cable to Karl’s phone. “It wasn’t my brightest moment,” Karl admitted, “I should have followed the wire and unplugged it from the wall properly, but instead, I just grabbed the wire and yanked. The wire tipped over the candle and it fell onto the rug.” Fortunately, the flame went out, but the resulting spill left a six-by-six inch spot of dark green candle wax on their new tan carpet.

Though Karl and Sandy had been customers of Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service since 2014, they assumed that nothing c0uld be done. “The spot was hidden, so we felt no sense of urgency,” Sandy recalled, “but we kept working on it, on and off, between December and April, with0ut much success.”

By the time Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service arrived for Karl and Sandy’s regularly scheduled cleaning, the stain had been set for months. “We did the wallk-thr0ugh,” said Sandy, “and because they had moved the furniture, it had exposed the stain. I didn’t think there was anything they could do, but Charles said they would be happy to treat it for us.”


Charles Gray, pre-treating the carpet.

Charles Gray explained, “for candle wax stains, we take a damp white cloth and lay it over the wax. Then we heat the wax with a steam iron. As it melts, it transfers into the cloth.” The trick, Charles said, is to keep moving the cloth to use the clean areas. “Depending on the size of the stain, it may take several cloths.” After removing the wax, the stain could be treated with their steam-cleaning extraction. “Removing the wax is the easy part; it’s the stain that’s tricky, depending on what type of dye the candle-maker uses. We have several spot-treatment options we can use on stains like this to blend the color back to its original look.”

There are several online sites with suggestions on how to pre-treat candle wax, including this page on the Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service  site, but “you have to be really careful with heat, because people can accidentally burn their carpet.” For this reason, Charles suggests that calling a professional might be the first, best step to removing a candle wax stain.

Sandy was amazed at the results. “Not only did they get up all of the wax, but they also removed the stain; it looked as if it had never happened. And even though they took the time to remove the stain, they didn’t charge extra for it.”

“Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service is very detailed-oriented,” said Sandy. “Not only did they take care of that spot, but on the same visit, they cleaned one of our couches. We’re always highly satisfied with their service, but they went above and beyond with that visit.”

When it comes to treating tough stains, Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service cannot guarantee results, but they have had a high rate of success, as Karl and Sandy can testify. Want to schedule a cleaning? Call Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service at 317-834-4693.


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Tough Spills (and what to do before we get there)

spilledspaghettiFirst thing is: Don’t Panic

While the majority of our business is scheduled carpet cleanings, we receive plenty of calls about “emergency” spills.  You know, the sort of  incident where everything was just fine until “it” happened, and you think your carpet may be ruined forever. Now you’re in a panic and you need a professional to come and save your carpet.

First of all, don’t panic! While no treatment is 100% guaranteed, the sooner we get there, the better. That’s why we’re very responsive to spill emergency calls, and depending on the season and the type of spill, we can usually get there the same day or, at the latest, the next day.

But probably just as important is how you pre-treat the spill between the time it happens and when we get there. So let’s look at what you can do to give us the best chance of saving your carpet and returning it to “pre-spill” condition.

Pre-treat the spill

Whether we get there in minutes or hours, its up to you to take the first steps to save your carpet. The difference between a total save and having to live with a permanent stain may come down to what you do to pre-treat your spill.

So first of all, don’t panic! (Did we mention that?) Second, we have a handy spot treatment tool on our website to guide you through the important pre-treatment steps. You can check it out by clicking here, and if you forget later, don’t worry, we’ll remind you when you call. It’s a pretty comprehensive list, so take your time, and you’re sure to find your spill on the list.

Stain or Spot?

A stain is the more dire spill. Examples of these include bleach or red dye (such as Kool-Aid or other drink). The problem with a stain is that the spill has in some way changed the color of the carpet in a way that may be irreversible. Gray’s Carpet Cleaning has a few tricks up its sleeve to treat tough stains. On the one hand, we can offer no guarantee on stains, but the truth is, we’ve had terrific luck restoring carpets with some pretty extreme spots, from obvious discolorations to its near-original  color by the time we’re done. So yes, even with carpet-altering stains such as bleach and dye, your best chance to save your carpet is to call us.

Some notes on spot treatment

Some people treat directions more like suggestions, but in the case of carpet pre-treatment, there are some instructions you must follow exactly. Here are a couple of important ones you need to follow:

When instructed to blot a stain with a white towel, that means what it says: blot only— do not rub, do not scrub. When cleaning up solids (such as pet messes or vomit) it’s important to get this up fast before it absorbs down to the pad.  (Note: pet urine will penetrate to the pad level fast, and we can’t guarantee 100% reversal of a pet urine spot.)

Please note, no matter the size of the spot, a professional carpet cleaning treatment will cost a minimum of $100.

img_3333You can never predict your next emergency spill, but when it happens, we’re here to help. And by the time we’re done, we’ll leave you better prepared for your next emergency. All our clients receive a complimentary bottle of our spot treatment cleaner, which we refill one time a year with an annual cleaning. It’s a great added benefit and motivator to keep your carpets looking their best.

So the next time you have an emergency spill, remember: don’t panic, call us, and pre-treat the spill. We’ll be there as soon as we can to use our expertise to restore your carpet to its pre-spill condition.

Want to schedule a cleaning? Call Gray’s Carpet Cleaning at 317-834-4693.

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Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service-7 Steps To A Great Carpet Cleaning


When you hire a carpet cleaning service, you expect your satisfaction to be arriveour highest priority, and you want that service to take the time, effort and care to ensure that your carpet has been as thoroughly cleaned as possible. The professionals at Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service agree with you, which is why we’ve adopted a  7-Step System to a Great Carpet Cleaning that we implement at every home and business we service. When you see our truck arrive, you know your carpet will receive all the care and effort required to clean it as thoroughly as possible. Our 7-step system is supported by carpeting manufacturers and won’t void any warranties. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we’re fully insured for our protection–and yours. So let’s take a close look at these steps, as demonstrated in the photos by company founder Charles Gray.

Step 1LR.jpgStep 1: Pre-Cleaning Inspection. Every carpet is different, which is why before we begin, we take the time to walk over your carpet and visually inspect it for any special attention your surfaces may need. Stains, scuffs, ground-in dirt, thinning areas… we’ll make a special note of what needs extra attention.  This is also your chance to point out any areas you feel we need to pay special attention to so we make sure to focus on those areas.

Step 2: step-3-lrPre-Vacuum the carpet. That’s right, before we clean the carpet, we…clean the carpet! Turns out that a good,  vigorous vacuuming right before treatment removes 79% of the dry soil so it never gets wet, and increases the overall effectiveness of the cleaning. So before we begin, we go over the entire surface with a vacuum, including the corners and hidden areas.

step-4-lrStep 3: Move the furniture. No, we’re not moving your stuff out onto the porch, but we will move what we can and put the rest up on “skidders”. This will protect your carpet from the furniture, your furniture from the cleaning chemicals, and is prevents nicks that might otherwise be caused by hoses and cords. Your carpet is important to us, but it’s not the only thing important to us. Your furniture needs care and protection, too.

step-5-lrStep 4: Pre-Treat Stubborn Spots. For pretty much the same reason you would pre-treat a stubborn stain on your clothes, the same philosophy applies to pre-treating spots on your carpet. Pre-treating makes the cleaning overall more effective, and increases the chances that a stain will come up like it was never there. We make every effort to clean out every stubborn stain… without damaging your carpet! Our goal is the same as yours–to get your carpet as close to “like new” as possible.

step-6-lrStep 5: Pre-condition the carpet. Yes, after we vacuum and pre-treat the stubborn spots, we have another “pre” step before we clean. Pre-conditioning the entire carpet gives the detergent more time to work, and, much like pre-rinsing your dishes, results in a far deeper and more effective clean than dirt extraction alone.

Step 7 LR.jpgStep 6: Soil Extraction and Clean Water Rinse. Or put more simply, the actual cleaning and rinsing of your carpet. Gray’s professional carpet cleaners use a truck mounted unit that creates a high pressure, 230 degrees soft water rinse  that penetrates deep down in the carpet, so there is no sticky residue left behind in the carpet that might attract soil as it dries.

Step 9 LR.jpgStep 7: Block and/or tab the furniture. While the fibers are still drying, we prop the furniture on tabs to keep if off the carpet. These tabs help in many ways. Some furniture can cause new, permanent stains while the carpet is still drying. Furniture can also get unattractive watermarks from the shampooing.These tabs and blocks prevent both issues while speeding up the drying process under the furniture.

So there you have it, the 7-step process Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service brings to every room. Whether we’re treating a room in your home or your business, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us,  and we feel our 7-Steps to a GREAT Carpet Cleaning is a vital part of our longevity and success and why we have so many satisfied customers.

If you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about our 7-Step Process, call us today at 317-834-4693 or go here to Contact Us through our website.

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Mother Nature’s Bath and Body Fall Festival Schedule

img_0821-e14776880995671It’s fall festival time,  so I’m taking my Mother Nature’s Bath & Body products out on the road for the next few weekends. You’ll find me all around the south and west Indy area. Come by and freshen up your stock, see what’s new, or try out my all-natural soaps and lotions for the first time. I’ll be at my booth at the times listed and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

12191682_913537415368785_5327166829365980854_nEach product is mixed and packaged by me personally. You can see everything we have to offer here on the website. Come on by, say hello, get a head start on your holiday shopping, and make sure to support the other vendors while you’re visiting. Here’s a complete list of where I’ll be and when. Titles are linked to take you to that event’s Facebook page to find out the full details.

Edgewood Preschool Cooperative Artsy Partsy Craft Bazaar
Sat, Nov 5 , 9a.m.-2 p.m.
6019 S Franklin Rd, Indy 46259

Hendricks County Flyer Holiday Craft Show
Sat, Nov 12, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. & Sun Nov 13 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
@ Hendricks County  Fairgrounds
1900 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122

Delta Theta Tau Sorority “That Something Special” Arts and Crafts Fair
Sat, Nov 26 (Small Business Saturday) 9 a.m.-3  p.m.
@ Beech Grove High School
5334 Hornet Ave. Beech Grove, IN 46107

Plainfield Tri Kappa Gingerbread Christmas
Sat, Dec 3, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
@Plainfield High School
1 Red Pride Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168

 Macaroni Kids-Hendricks County “Our Favorite Things” Craft Fair
Sat, Dec 10, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
@Hendricks County 4H Fairgrounds
N County Road 200 E, Danville, Indiana 46122

Stock is limited, so get there early. Cash and credit cards accepted, and I offer a discount on multiple products. I hope to see you there.

And while you’re on this page, check out my new blog site by clicking on the tabs above, and let me know what you think. I’ll be using this space to share my thoughts and expertise on all my ventures, so check back here regularly. In the meantime, let me know what you think  by commenting below.


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10408846_10205577306090526_4476042168152790371_nHello, and welcome to the blog page of Sharilee Gray. This first blog is a placeholder while we get more organized. Here you can learn all about the various businesses I help operate. My husband Charles and I manage the company he founded in 2000 out of his passion to serve others:  Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service;  I create and sell my own natural soaps as Mother Nature’s Bath & Body; and am a realtor with RE/MAX Centerstone Mike Price Realty Team. Check back here to learn more about each of my ventures and how I can best serve you!

Each business has its own tab at the top of the menu. Feel free to browse. In the meantime, this page is still under construction, but check back soon!

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