Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service-7 Steps To A Great Carpet Cleaning


When you hire a carpet cleaning service, you expect your satisfaction to be arriveour highest priority, and you want that service to take the time, effort and care to ensure that your carpet has been as thoroughly cleaned as possible. The professionals at Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service agree with you, which is why we’ve adopted a  7-Step System to a Great Carpet Cleaning that we implement at every home and business we service. When you see our truck arrive, you know your carpet will receive all the care and effort required to clean it as thoroughly as possible. Our 7-step system is supported by carpeting manufacturers and won’t void any warranties. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we’re fully insured for our protection–and yours. So let’s take a close look at these steps, as demonstrated in the photos by company founder Charles Gray.

Step 1LR.jpgStep 1: Pre-Cleaning Inspection. Every carpet is different, which is why before we begin, we take the time to walk over your carpet and visually inspect it for any special attention your surfaces may need. Stains, scuffs, ground-in dirt, thinning areas… we’ll make a special note of what needs extra attention.  This is also your chance to point out any areas you feel we need to pay special attention to so we make sure to focus on those areas.

Step 2: step-3-lrPre-Vacuum the carpet. That’s right, before we clean the carpet, we…clean the carpet! Turns out that a good,  vigorous vacuuming right before treatment removes 79% of the dry soil so it never gets wet, and increases the overall effectiveness of the cleaning. So before we begin, we go over the entire surface with a vacuum, including the corners and hidden areas.

step-4-lrStep 3: Move the furniture. No, we’re not moving your stuff out onto the porch, but we will move what we can and put the rest up on “skidders”. This will protect your carpet from the furniture, your furniture from the cleaning chemicals, and is prevents nicks that might otherwise be caused by hoses and cords. Your carpet is important to us, but it’s not the only thing important to us. Your furniture needs care and protection, too.

step-5-lrStep 4: Pre-Treat Stubborn Spots. For pretty much the same reason you would pre-treat a stubborn stain on your clothes, the same philosophy applies to pre-treating spots on your carpet. Pre-treating makes the cleaning overall more effective, and increases the chances that a stain will come up like it was never there. We make every effort to clean out every stubborn stain… without damaging your carpet! Our goal is the same as yours–to get your carpet as close to “like new” as possible.

step-6-lrStep 5: Pre-condition the carpet. Yes, after we vacuum and pre-treat the stubborn spots, we have another “pre” step before we clean. Pre-conditioning the entire carpet gives the detergent more time to work, and, much like pre-rinsing your dishes, results in a far deeper and more effective clean than dirt extraction alone.

Step 7 LR.jpgStep 6: Soil Extraction and Clean Water Rinse. Or put more simply, the actual cleaning and rinsing of your carpet. Gray’s professional carpet cleaners use a truck mounted unit that creates a high pressure, 230 degrees soft water rinse  that penetrates deep down in the carpet, so there is no sticky residue left behind in the carpet that might attract soil as it dries.

Step 9 LR.jpgStep 7: Block and/or tab the furniture. While the fibers are still drying, we prop the furniture on tabs to keep if off the carpet. These tabs help in many ways. Some furniture can cause new, permanent stains while the carpet is still drying. Furniture can also get unattractive watermarks from the shampooing.These tabs and blocks prevent both issues while speeding up the drying process under the furniture.

So there you have it, the 7-step process Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service brings to every room. Whether we’re treating a room in your home or your business, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us,  and we feel our 7-Steps to a GREAT Carpet Cleaning is a vital part of our longevity and success and why we have so many satisfied customers.

If you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about our 7-Step Process, call us today at 317-834-4693 or go here to Contact Us through our website.

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