Tough Spills (and what to do before we get there)

spilledspaghettiFirst thing is: Don’t Panic

While the majority of our business is scheduled carpet cleanings, we receive plenty of calls about “emergency” spills.  You know, the sort of  incident where everything was just fine until “it” happened, and you think your carpet may be ruined forever. Now you’re in a panic and you need a professional to come and save your carpet.

First of all, don’t panic! While no treatment is 100% guaranteed, the sooner we get there, the better. That’s why we’re very responsive to spill emergency calls, and depending on the season and the type of spill, we can usually get there the same day or, at the latest, the next day.

But probably just as important is how you pre-treat the spill between the time it happens and when we get there. So let’s look at what you can do to give us the best chance of saving your carpet and returning it to “pre-spill” condition.

Pre-treat the spill

Whether we get there in minutes or hours, its up to you to take the first steps to save your carpet. The difference between a total save and having to live with a permanent stain may come down to what you do to pre-treat your spill.

So first of all, don’t panic! (Did we mention that?) Second, we have a handy spot treatment tool on our website to guide you through the important pre-treatment steps. You can check it out by clicking here, and if you forget later, don’t worry, we’ll remind you when you call. It’s a pretty comprehensive list, so take your time, and you’re sure to find your spill on the list.

Stain or Spot?

A stain is the more dire spill. Examples of these include bleach or red dye (such as Kool-Aid or other drink). The problem with a stain is that the spill has in some way changed the color of the carpet in a way that may be irreversible. Gray’s Carpet Cleaning has a few tricks up its sleeve to treat tough stains. On the one hand, we can offer no guarantee on stains, but the truth is, we’ve had terrific luck restoring carpets with some pretty extreme spots, from obvious discolorations to its near-original  color by the time we’re done. So yes, even with carpet-altering stains such as bleach and dye, your best chance to save your carpet is to call us.

Some notes on spot treatment

Some people treat directions more like suggestions, but in the case of carpet pre-treatment, there are some instructions you must follow exactly. Here are a couple of important ones you need to follow:

When instructed to blot a stain with a white towel, that means what it says: blot only— do not rub, do not scrub. When cleaning up solids (such as pet messes or vomit) it’s important to get this up fast before it absorbs down to the pad.  (Note: pet urine will penetrate to the pad level fast, and we can’t guarantee 100% reversal of a pet urine spot.)

Please note, no matter the size of the spot, a professional carpet cleaning treatment will cost a minimum of $100.

img_3333You can never predict your next emergency spill, but when it happens, we’re here to help. And by the time we’re done, we’ll leave you better prepared for your next emergency. All our clients receive a complimentary bottle of our spot treatment cleaner, which we refill one time a year with an annual cleaning. It’s a great added benefit and motivator to keep your carpets looking their best.

So the next time you have an emergency spill, remember: don’t panic, call us, and pre-treat the spill. We’ll be there as soon as we can to use our expertise to restore your carpet to its pre-spill condition.

Want to schedule a cleaning? Call Gray’s Carpet Cleaning at 317-834-4693.

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