Rescuing Your Special Day Mishaps – With Gray’s Carpet Cleaning

red spillSummer’s coming, and households and banquet halls all over central Indiana are hosting graduations and wedding receptions during the next few weeks.

Please don’t misunderstand us; we don’t want anything bad to happen, we hope that everything goes perfect for you on your special day (honest!).

But there will be cake. And wine. And punch. And strangers. And, where appropriate, adult beverages. So the odds are, some of you will have to deal with spills and stains that will need attending to after the party’s over.

IceCreamSpillSo if the groom knocks over the snack tray, your teen spills the red punch bowl, or if any  other alarming messes try to ruin your special day, Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service will get you taken care of.

Three easy steps to taking care of your sudden carpet emergency:

1. Go here to Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Spot Removal Guide and follow the directions to pre-treat the spot.
2. Call us directly at 317-834-4693.
3. Schedule your appointment, and let us take care of the rest.

Charles Gray started Gray’s Carpet Cleaning in 2000. He’s rescued quite a few carpets through the years and he’s taken on some pretty tough spills (He’s even removed candle wax!).

arriveOf course, Gray’s carpet Cleaning Service can help get your home ready before your big event as well, with our thorough 7 Steps to a Great Carpet Clean so your carpet will look its best for your guests in time for the big day.

So while we certainly don’t wish for any problems to happen to you in the days ahead, some of you reading this will probably need us.

And if you do, Just remember, call us and we’ll get you taken care of!



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