Back-to-School Carpet Cleanings

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No more people gathered in your house all day, watching TV and playing video games.

Summer break was in full swing, then gone again before you know it, and now the kids are back to school.

No more people gathered in your house all day, watching TV and playing video games. Eating. And drinking (and dribbling and spilling). Your kids are no longer taking up the space. Not to mention their friends. And their friends friends. Then there were the nights you fired up the BBQ grill, or those nights the kids “helped” make dinner in the kitchen. And when they weren’t at home, they were outside. Football practice, band practice, meeting friends at favorite restaurants and parks. Then, bringing all the dirt and grime back home.

Looking back, it was an awesome summer. Great times, great family memories. And sometimes, messes happened. And that’s okay.

Now that they’ve returned to school, it’s the perfect time to schedule your annual carpet cleaning, and give your home that post-summer-break sparkle that it needs. Our seven steps to a great cleaning will get your carpet back to a fresh, fluffy state free of dirt and grime. We’ll give special attention to tough spills (check out this story on how we once removed candle wax from a carpet) and  can clean up any evidence of your summertime special occasions and parties.

So now that the kids are back to school and daytime hours are open again, it’s time for your carpet to get back to looking its best. Call Gray’s Carpet Cleaning Service at 317-834-4693 and schedule your professional cleaning today!

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