Mother Nature’s Bath & Body

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I have sensitive skin, so sensitive that I break out in a rash or get puffy eyes with every single cosmetic brand on the market, even those labeled hypoallergenic. So I started reading ingredients, to see what they all had in common. That’s when I realized I didn’t recognize a lot of the ingredients. I looked up each ingredient to determine its purpose and side effects and was amazed at how many ingredients have negative side effects, so I started formulating my own cosmetics for personal use. From there, I moved on to deodorants, shampoo bars, facial moisturizers and soap. Next, I researched and formulated homemade versions of over-the-counter remedies.

All my products currently for sale have been tested on friends, family, and me, with very positive feedback and results. My goal has been to educate those that wish to make the switch to fewer chemicals and more natural bath and body products. Each product is created with more natural ingredients compared to “shelf” soap for a safer, more natural clean. Each product is personally molded and/or  mixed by me to ensure purity and quality, for a clean body, the natural way.